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Graphic designer cover letters don't need graphics!

Many times the graphic designer cover letter may be thought by the graphic designer to be a different type of letter because graphic designers are so into using graphics. When looking for their first job or a better job in this field it will be the WORDS that become all-important. By and large, many graphic designers tend to think, and even communicate, visually. That is, after all, what graphic design is all about. Consequently, they put 100% of their time and energy into their portfolio or resume, leaving nothing for their poor, neglected graphic designer cover letter.

For the graphic design job candidate who is looking to give his or her job search a big boost, writing a great graphic designer cover letter can give him or her an extra edge over the competition. Keep in mind that part of being a graphic designer is also communicating with people, especially clients, in words not just pictures. A well-written, graphic designer cover letter shows the Hiring Manager that this graphic design candidate has the writing and communication skills needed to work with people successfully as well.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Tip #1

Let your portfolio and resume show your talents as a graphic designer but use powerful words to communicate with your cover letter during the job search process.

Additionally, any graphic designer cover letter that can clearly and directly show why you are the candidate most qualified for a job interview opportunity, and not just what a great designer you are, increases the odds of landing the interview and position. Even though a graphic designer portfolio shows WHAT a designer can do, it is still not enough to convince someone WHY they should give that designer a chance. Well-written cover letters do this perfectly.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Tip #2

Luckily for graphic design job seekers, writing the graphic designer cover letter isn't nearly as hard as, say, mastering Adobe Illustrator. All it takes is a little bit of time to learn some simple, effective techniques.

Specifically, great graphic designer cover letters do three things. First they GRAB the ATTENTION of the reader. Learning to do this is as simple as picking up some elements and techniques that STAND OUT in a sea of boring, stale, over-used cover letter phrases. Start off with a killer opening sentence that commands attention and grips the reader.

Secondly, great graphic designer cover letters SELL and convince the reader that the candidate is just what the company needs to meet its objectives. This can be accomplished by explaining how the candidate's experience DIRECTLY APPLIES to the job requirements, and how ENTHUSIASTIC the candidate is about the work he or she already does.

Lastly, and most important of all, great graphic design cover letters SELL an employer into calling the applicant for the job interview asap. Providing the telephone number, email address and mailing address that the candidate can be reached at in a section of the graphic designer cover letter that is easily located is a must. And THAT'S something a graphic designer should be good at!

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